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Aye was created to bring our laid back vibes to the city centre, to create a place of positivity, take in our vibe and experience the Aye energy. As our motto goes; Let your vibe attract your tribe. 

Good food, good times, good people, good vibes, it's that simple. We're all about keeping it real and doing what we love to do; crafting creative signature cocktails and serving up some tasty dishes that allow people to enjoy good times together. 



The AYE experience is built on celebrating creativity. We are constantly exploring and experimenting with new ways of delivering our signature vibe. From our creative cocktails to our colourful food , we pride ourselves on the creativity of our team. Our creative kitchen and bar team help us create seasonal menu changes, maintain our customers favourites and reflect the creativity of the AYE team. 


From the moment you walk in we want you to experience the heart and soul of AYE. Our plants help epitomise our ethos by reflecting our laid back and balanced vibe. Our unique space blurs the lines between outdoors and indoors and allows our customers to relax in natural surroundings. As proven, plants promote relaxation and reduce stress, which is what we aim to do for our customers too. All of our trees are sourced from Future Forests, a fully sustainable garden centre in West Cork.


The journey we are on as a business is asking how we can be better each day and we are constantly learning and trying to improve. Everything we create is done in a conscious way. From the careful sourcing of produce, to the plating and seasoning of food, to the caring ethos of our team, and the sustainable practices of our business.

We operate in an eco-friendly sustainable way wherever we can.


As part of a local community, we aim to give back in whatever way we can. From hosting fundraising events to monthly charity cocktails, we are always open to new initiatives to raise money for charities within the community and beyond. 

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